Born overseas and bred in a military family, Regina strongly believes in doing things the right way; strong customer service and the best product that can be offered is paramount. She has two degrees, traveled extensively in her lifetime and recently returned from the gardens of black tea origin, Sri Lanka; making connections to the best teas in the world is important to her. As a Certified Tea Specialist from STI in NY, she has given presentations on tea and enjoys imparting her knowledge to anyone who will listen!  Regina is also a Master Herbalist and blending new tea creations for people is something she enjoys doing. Ask her about creating a tea just for you or that special-tea someone in you life!


While studying Psychology with a concentration in Art Therapy, Bridget is a young determined student who is driven by her many passions and is fascinated with remedies that can cure the physical and the mental body. Bridget has had a love for tea since she was a child, believing that a single cup of tea can relax the mind and comfort the soul. She has traveled to many places such as Greece and London to study art and international culture. While traveling, she found that tea plays a very large role in many cultures all over the world. Her passion for tea grew when she discovered that tea represents balance and unity. To her, tea became the perfect theraputic excersice to help respire the mind, body, and soul.


Aaron has been drinking tea since he was a teenager and 20 years later, the passion is still going strong. Coming from a biology background, he understand the chemistry behind the processing of tea and when not working, he’s likely home reading and drinking tea! His favorite kinds of tea are Green, Oolong, and Pu’erh but enjoys all of them. Aaron is always seeking out new and interesting teas to try and introduce to our customers.


Renee has been a lover of tea since she was little and her Grandma would serve her Earl Grey every time she would come to visit. Her favorite type of tea is Oolong but enjoys trying all types of teas. Renee enjoys blending teas and creating new flavors as well and using her graphic design degree, she created The Certaintea logo. Born into a military family, she enjoys giving back to our military community. She is known for her love of all things vintage and retro from the 1950’s.